“It is easy to be a vegetarian, even vegan. We will help you, with diet, with your parents, and with school!”

Chloe was 6 when she developed a love for pigs. Tears welled up whenever she heard of people eating ‘pork’. Her decision was set. Developing witty methods for replacing meat at home, at school, anywhere, Chloe switched to a non-killing diet.

When she heard of cruelties on dairy and egg farms, she knew it was time for a vegan diet. Unsure at first, just like her parents, they soon realized that it is not a big deal!

Chloe soon noticed, that ‘many teens wanted to change to their preferred diet, but had little power over what they ate.’ Her experiences turned out to be precious for friends, too!

They form ‘Vegetarian Youth’ clubs at school, inspiring, empowering each other for lightly living their favourite lifestyle: free from harm, guilt and health worries. Peaceful, and full of yummy surprises!

Chloe also contacted leading vegan organizations and activists to do interviews and learn of their tips for young people. They responded enthusiastically and enjoyed the depth and can-do dimensions of her questions. Go check them out on her website!

Likewise, organizations noticed that no one had ever thought about youth in this field. They spread her message inter/nationally.  

Swiftly, her network spread to 25 schools, and Chloe gained a foundation’s support to give grants to teams for their local projects. 

It’s probably also new for your region – so, if you seek a peaceful, delicious diet, kind community and ways to raise awareness – here’s your set of magic wands!


[ FOOD ]

AGE : 6

  • DO IT 40% 40%
  • REACH 55% 55%
  • EFFECTS 60% 60%
  • RISK 30% 30%




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