Harry Potter begins with a tour through Hogwarts. Lord Of The Rings with the discovery of Middle Earth, its lore, tales, hero*ines and magic creatures of very different characters and flair.

Hence, #bemoreawesome begins with a discovery tour of our *real world* hero*ines, their causes, magic tricks, spells, support and allies for you to join and wield as you take on trainings, missions and boss battles of your choice. 


enormous inspiration, mind boggling. Young hero*ines you have never heard of! Mages with solutons to transfrom society and civilization. It’s all here, and they look forward for you to join

skill building

practical exercises

get a head start and great advantage of knowledge, knowhow, resources and offers to any anyone in town, including teachers, journalists, mayors, organizations, making you fit and able to get started with flying banners and find warm support from many sides. to grow you reach, community, impact – and FUN!

95+% of youth say this is mighty groovy, important for their generation, should exist at their school, 70% are ready to get involved at their own pace for fav causes and activities. That’s new, unique and boom!

So, take 2-3 hours, close the door and enter the multi-media experience of the real Hogwarts. This is for real!

Welcome to the Grand Adventure of your Lifetime.

Eric aka mani2AC, YL Captan