“Clean water is a human right. It’s time we protect our water, keep it public and safe.”
Robyn Hamlyn is not the only student who has seen films documenting how bad practices in business and politics have led to water pollution, soaring prices, and very bad health effects, even in her water rich country of Canada. But Robyn has turned her shock into action!

She joined a powerful coalition of experts and citizens who have crafted a solution to safeguard water aquifers and rivers and provide abundant clean water for generations to come. Robyn is their youngest speaker asking town councils to become ‘Blue Communities’ by passing legislation that water services stay public, banning bottled water, and making clean water a human right.

Hold your seat: In her first year at age 13, Robyn made 27 cities turn Blue by passing 1, 2 or all 3 parts of the Resolution! – Your task is just to do 1 town, yours. So go!

Now she is training kids and teens like you to be Water Warriors, able to protect their water for the future!

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AGE : 13

  • DO IT 45% 45%
  • REACH 55% 55%
  • EFFECTS 55% 55%
  • RISK 45% 45%