this is a game, like online games

means rules, and since about purest chilvalry a strict code of honor

and if these rules get abused, not observed it means one gets deleted and possibly blacklisted

yea, sucks, but then it protects the integrity of the game

and the rules are clear

when not, they get answered for specific case

we focus on tangible action, no intangible stuff

no common protest campaigns (there’s other clubs for that; go as the human that you are, but NOT as a bma action; if you and many members of your crew, club, clan feel immensely compelled to join a major protest for a cauise – there may be very good reasons to do so – well, then do so, but meet outside bma under a different identity; FAQ: why critical? bec in some countries this can create enormous bullies, hate, you know why and from whom and that’s NOT useful for bma; you can join or organize protests as other identity, please respect this and do NOT use the bma brand for it, that’s stealing. We gift you SO MUCH and you shall respect it; we will delete and blacklist you, if you break this rule, immediately, and ALL participants in it – because YOU ALL KNOW THIS RULE!).

no identity issues, ever (there’s other clubs for that); that’s intangible and tons of blahblah, no matter how important. and those groups rarely do anything tangible. we do. in bma we meet for tangible action (which hardly anyone does and the kids and animals deserve it! so respect our focus, thank you)  in #speedrun style, no distraction or delay

no politics, ever (there’s other clubs for that)

no religion, ever (there’s other clubs for that)